The festival of Merry Christmas on 25th December

Christmas is a joyfull holiday that is celebrated by most people in the United States. Even thought its religns are Christian, it has become a holiday season that is celebrated in various ways by people of many faiths. The Christmas stories come from the ‘Bible‘ in the story of an angel to sneprds and told them that a jesus Christ had been born to merry and vosepn in a stable in Bethlehem. Three wise men from the east followed a extraordinary star which led them to baby Jesus.

On Christmas, 24 December many people attend evening church services, often at midnight. On Merry Christmas 25 December morning at home, opening gifts and sharing a special meal. Some people visited friends and neighbours on Christmas day. The Christmas season bring a lot of travel. On this day already cuts trees are sold on street corner or in shopping areas. These trees are bought home, set up in the living room and decorated with lights, thin stands of silver or gold colored paper, paper or angel at the top.

Under this family member and ‘santa‘ will leave gift. These day may be full of cousin, ants and uncles who might not see each other at during this year. Family members help making tree decoration, different types of foods, Christmas is not complete without lots of desserts, like spicy fruitcake, hot cookies.

About Merry Christmas gifts:=

‘Santa claus’ pre-Christmas story character who also associated with gift living. The Norway God or Santa Claus rode on a magical flying horse across the sky in the winter to comes into the house in the night and leaves gift for the children, to bring happiness in the coldest month or last month of the year.

Santa claus‘ comes with lots of toys for the millions of children who write him to the north pole. On Christmas morning children’s cannot wait to open their eyes they run to trees and ske what santa left for them under the Christmas tree. Santa Claus exist only in our imagination.

Gift giving is a major Christmas tradition gifts are brought or made for all people. School children will make gifts in their classroom to his all family members. The gift were wrapped and put under the Christmas trees to be an opened on Christmas. Nowdays a people after complaint about the Christmas has become commercialized especially in large cities. Shop owner begins advertising and decorating for Christmas as early as October in hopes of selling more goods children toys have become more complex and expensive. Some people believe that the origin and spirit of Christmas has been lost.

Christmas cards and intertainments:=

Christmas stocking := Children hung their own stocking or socks place on ormantel shelves over a fireplace Santa entered down the enimney and left candy and present or gifts inside the socks for good children bad children receive a black cool. But now many of the stocking are large fabric bags decorated in Christmas red and green design on Christmas morning everyone eagerly open their stocking to find small items bringing Christmas cheer.

Christmas cards:= Another important of custom of Christmas is to send and receive Christmas card the express the feeling og the season some cards are religious non-religious or even funny. Often the cards letters, photos gives information about family events from preview year. Christmas card often include a greeting for the New year. “Merry Christmas” wishing today many people choose cards that say simply. “Happy holidays” season’s greetings which are inclusive all the faiths.

Christmas entertainment := Songs, poems, stories and performance are a regular part of the Christmas season for many families. “The night before Christmas” written by Clement Moore in 1823. Children listen to this poem before they go to bad in Christmas eve. It tells about poor family with little money to live or eat well, and no money to pay for doctor for their son. Who is disabled to walks.

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