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We a system that connects mind body and spirit. It is known as the chakra system. Chakras are filled with energy vortexes that regulate information and life force energy through all levels of our being and bring about. The life force is used to nourish endocrine system the nerve system and organs it also carries details about thought patterns and emotions, traumas that affect the body’s health.

The expression chakra is derived from Sanskrit and broadly means turning wheel. Like maelstrom or a vortex, every chakra draws in what it requires to refuel and inform the portion. There are 7 vortexes that animate and energize the body, and every one turns in a speed that is different, and clairvoyants as colours often perceive the speed of spinning or turning. 

How can we improve our health of yogas:=

The slowest chakra is situated in the bottom of the pelvis, and it is regarded as the colour red. Every one higher up has a spin and they’re perceived as individual colours in the rainbow’s spectrum. A life motif is reflected by each chakra, and it is very important to know how to utilize every one in order for you to attain wellness and optimal wellness on health.The flow of life force can be hindered in any point along its path to the body because of blocked emotions, injury, or dysfunctional thought patterns. If this is the case, usually the physical body or even a life situation will exhibit issues that reflect this.


For example, an individual who’s experiencing grief, a problem which disrupts the flow of energy throughout the heart chakra, can also have trouble breathing, as the lungs are nourished by the life force that is drawn in throughout the heart chakra. In this instance, it is important to face the emotions of grief from order for the lungs that you get a deep breath. The body, mind and soul are an intimately connected and continuously communicating system that could be modulated by working consciously together with the life force energy moving throughout the chakras.

The more you understand and works together with the chakras, the more healthful the body, mind and soul can become. I’m a coach, ordained minister and intuitive healer together with over 20 years experience in the healing and helping professions. Contact me for a free coaching session that you explore your goals and move ahead on your dreams.

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