What are the importance of education in Our Society

In my opinion, Importance of Education is essential in life. Education’s the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habits. Education is a learning experience from which people gain knowledge. Education has been derived from the Latin term “Education “.

Education is the dynamic and life-long process. It is a conscious, deliberate and purposive influence exerted by the society on the growing child to enable him to be culturally refined, emotionally stable, ethnically sound, mentally alert, physically strong, socially efficient and spiritually upright. It has an intrinsic continuity. The function of education is to create integrated personality. It is on essential human virtue. “Man become man” through education. He is what importance of education makes him. Man’s life can only be glorified through education. The function of education is to creat integrated personality. There is no doubt that education plays a very significant role in moulding the ideas, habits, attitudes, interests and values of the children.

Origine of the word ‘Education’

Origin of the word education may be traced to three Latin words:- 1. Educatum 2. Educare 3. Educere

1. Educatum – this means the act of teaching or training . 2. Educare – this means to bring up; to raise; to educate. 3. Educere – this means’ to bring fourth; to lead on.

Three types of education:=

  1. Formal education = this types of education is planned with a particular end view. It is direct schoolling instructions and tuition. It is limited to a specific periods. It is proved according to certain rules and regulation, through a specialized and formal agency school.
  2. Informal education = Informal education is incidental influences of the home and the involved in it. It includes all direct as well as indirect influence of the home and the society. It is not prepland or deliberate the child learn many habits manners and patterns will living with others or moving in different hpheres like home and society group e.g.
  3. Non-formal education = Non-formal education is one of the react concept getting into use it falls in between formal and informal types or education. It is an education phenomenon which is life-centered and problem oriented. It is a lifelong process and benefits people of different age-group’s in accordance with there need and aptitudes.

Agencies of education

Major agencies of education are mentioned below :=

Family or home is the internal school of life. It is one of important unit of society family is one of the most significant primary group, which are first in influencing the indivisible and in shaping his attitudes and behaviour patterns a child sees the lite of the day in the home. Family is the first sociable environment where he fulfils his physical, mental and cultural need here, he receives his first lesson of citizenship and true moral discipline throughout face to face contact.

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