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Fashion Design for the latest trends with different cultures

India is a land of varied culture. Different culture have different fashion trend plays an important role. The girls seen wearing different types of outfits and including jeans, t-shirts, frocks and shorts among other clothing items. Boys also wearing trousers, shorts, jeans and t-shirts. These clothes are comfortable and thus become a fashion here. The trends stay for a few weeks or months and then replaced by new trends.

Fashion has become extremely important among the students. Everyone wants to look good these days and it is not a bad thing. Fashion has become an integral parts of our society in the modern times. People follow the latest fashion trends to look and feel good and impress others.

Trends for men’s and women’s :=

Fashion is not only for women. Even men have great fancy for it. It is not followed only in clothes but also in hairstyles, shoes and jewelry ect. All these people want to look impressive and attractive. In collage campus, both boys and girls wearing all types of clothes. Girls wear whatever their favorite heroinesites wear. Boys try to their favourite heroes.

But it may even a negative effect on one’s personality. Some people look smarter in simple clothes then in expensive clothes. As the old saying, beauty needs no ornaments. In fact, simplicity is the best fashion.

Students attract towards the fashion and they will be left behind their studies. This will spoil their bright future. If they want to be successful in their life. Fashion is not important in life but“simple living and high thinking”is the best.

In collage boys have started smoking as a fashion. In many restaurants the boys and girls enjoying a smoke. In nowadays, drinking is also considered as a high fashion. But these habits can affect the health on student and spoil their life.

India has rich where has its own unique costume and traditional. Fashion in india is brilliant scene and a colourful world where designers and models start new trends everyday. In india traditional costumes depending on the climate.

Men are especially found of watches and shoes according to latest fashion. Latest watches launched by different brands.

Latest trends :=

In the middle aged people are equally fashion trend and thus they also follow the latest fashion and looking so good. In every country has its different fashion trends.

Men always tries to present himself in the most attractive dress in an occasion. But it requires a lot of time and mental efforts to understand the man’s personality. He also loves beauty and also wants to look beautiful. In the modern world the man has become a highly fashion trends in clothes and hairstyles also.

Fashion-design has become a super-speciality. Garments are designed and to fit in every occasion of life. There are different outfits for different hours of the day.

In sports have specially designed the dress like swimming and for other sports like football, tennis and athletics.

Fashion is not a word which is unknown to everyone today. The whole world has become crazy for the latest fashion trends. Now the fashion is set according to the Bollywood and Hollywood, heroes and heroines in the films.

Youngmen wearing tight pants and with latest hairstyles and helding a cigarette in between the fingers and they feel themselves very smart. But these are the spoil their brighter future. The young-men and women never realise that they are wasting their precious time. And this time is used for study to make life brighter.

At last, I am only said that fashion holds an important place in life of people today. Fashion trends are ever changing, when we dressing up as like the latest fashion makes us look good.

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