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Realme X – is the most traditional smart phone

AMOLED Display

This phone have a 91.2% screen-to-body ratio and its 16.58cm (6.53) super AMOLED screen. Whether you’re watching movies, reading, browsing the internet or gaming. Under this phone have a display fingerprint and camera modules. The Realme X comes in two colour options – gradient blue and second is gradient white. The white colour gives the Realme X an elegant and sophisticated look.

Pop-up Camera

Its AI-enable 16MP front camera delivers ultra HD selfie. There have advance plus motor solution and takes just about 0.74 second to pop-up when you opt for the front camera mode.

3D Design

The best way to dedcribe the Real X would be to call it a refined version of the Realme 3 pro. The eight different process use to create its body result in an eye catching 3D pattern. Its looked premium for its price. There’s no notch, no punch-hole and essentially zero distractions. This phone is very comfortable to hold.

Beauty Rear Camera

Equipped with a 48+5MP dual-rear camera system, this phone is a class apart. You can discover new ways to takes artistic pictures of everyday objects, scenery or portraits. This phone have also ultra HD imaging of night views.

VOOC Flash Charging

There have the large VOOC fash charging 3.0 algorithm in this phone, its charging time by up to 23.8% as compared to version 2.0. Your phone charge up 6 times faster than normal charging. There have 3765mAH battery. They will give a long life battery backup.

In-display fingur print scanner

Unlock your phone in no time, and securely by scanning your fingerprint on this scanner from goodix. Its have a very fast unlocking system.


This phone adoped the LPDDR4X and UFS 2.1 flash storage technologies to insure high-speed data writing and reading. Its have 4GB and 8GB RAM eith 128GB storage. There you can store many types of videos, Images, and other important files.

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